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Tuf-Rite offers a line of exceptional dry erase boards with thermal fused surfaces that improve eraser performance and durability. These innovative, heat-sealed surfaces are designed to last three times as long as a standard economy melamine boards. Anodized aluminum or presidential trim frames enhance each board’s toughness to ensure that you get years of quality use out of each one. Choose from a variety of Tuf-Rite dry erase boards at, including aluminum trim dry erase boards, slim bite markerboards and versions made with stately presidential trim.

Tuf-Rite Markerboards

Tuf-Rite also offers awesome dot grid dry erase boards that enable straighter writing, drawing and easy graphing. Featuring a full-length, tackable map rail and an accessory tray with plastic end caps, the Tuf-Rite Dot Grid Markerboard has everything you need for quality presenting. Choose Tuf-Rite’s Ultra Bite Markerboard or Slim Bite Whiteboard, both of which feature a tackles paper holder along the top portion of the trim, to find new ways to display papers and documents. All Tuf-Rite boards are made in the U.S. and come standard with a five-year guarantee.