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The Next Generation of Interactive Flat Panel Displays

The ultimate in front of room touch screen displays

TouchIT Interactive Flat Panel LEDs are the latest interactive teaching tools for the modern, connected, interactive classroom. The TouchIT Rapide with its super-charged Android 8 Operating System allows you to do everything natively on the LED. Now, you can run all the Apps you need to replace your computer in the classroom. It also works with your Windows, MAC, Chrome or Linux computer. With a high resolution and low glare image, even the smallest of text is easy to read on the LED. Multi-touch allows the teacher to control and annotate over any application that is running on their PC, MAC or Chrome OS directly from the screen. You can even use gestures to control your applications.

TouchIT Fusion 2

Interactive Table, Easel and LED all in one!

The TouchIT Fusion 2 is three products in one! An Interactive Easel, an Interactive Table and an Interactive LED. Select how you want to use the product at the touch of a button. Ideal for any interactive classroom.       Learn More

TouchIt Interactive LED Whiteboards

A classroom must-have, TouchIt interactive boards work alongside your PC or projector to create an interactive presenting experience that’s incredibly intuitive. What sets TouchIt’s interactive touch screen whiteboards apart from the rest is their ease of use. Featuring both left- and right-click functionality from the board, TouchIt boards can be used by anyone who can operate a computer. Available in 78-inch and 90-inch wide options, TouchIt Interactive Whiteboards feature exceptional enamel steel surfaces plus touch-based IR technology for innovative presenting.


TouchIT App Store

Available with all TouchIT LEDs, the TouchIT App Store is designed to deliver Free content directly to your interactive LED.

  • All Apps are Free!
  • Suitable For Classroom

Contribute Cloud

Classroom Collaboration made easy.
Built in ‘casting’ and ‘multi-casting’ functionality.
Supplied with license-free software!
Collaborate, Cast, Multi-Cast, Gameification, Multi-Zones, all for FREE!

Contribute Signage Software

Contribute Signage takes care of all of your Digital Signage Needs Manage your Digital Signage from Anywhere on ANY device.