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Now you can easily sort your whiteboard options according to size. At, we know that many of our customers are looking for a dry erase board to fill a specific space. Our custom whiteboards are available in a wide range of sizes, but not every product comes in every size. To simplify your search process, you can just click on one of the options in the left sidebar to reveal all our available regular and magnetic whiteboards for sale in that size. Now you can quickly see exactly which markerboards are available with the exact size you need.

From dry erase boards for small offices to massive whiteboards used in corporate training offices, we carry a range of sizes to meet every need. Our custom whiteboards begin at just 18 by 24 inches, a small yet convenient size when you have limited space. Our largest boards measure an incredible 5 by 16 feet, making them perfect for factories, large offices and college classrooms. We also carry some of the more popular medium sizes, including 4 by 8 feet and 4 by 16 feet. Search through all our size options to find a match for you needs.

Keep in mind that, in addition to traditional and magnetic whiteboards, we also carry a number of unique dry erase board options for customers. If you need something that can be used in multiple spaces, check out our reversible portable whiteboards which come on wheeled bases. We also carry dry erase sheets that can be adhered to existing whiteboards or specific types of surfaces, including pillars or curved walls. In addition you’ll find graphic whiteboards, eco-friendly markerboards and other unique items on our site.

Shop by size at to find the perfect custom whiteboard for your space.


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