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Plus N-31 Series Copyboard
Plus N-31 Series Copyboard
Plus N-31 Series Copyboard
Plus N-31 Series Copyboard
Plus N-31 Series Copyboard

Plus N-31 Series Copyboard

Shipping Weight: lbs.

Shipping Weight: lbs.
Shipping Weight: lbs.
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The Plus N-31 series is specifically designed for offices where privacy protection is essential.This copyboard gives you confidence in knowing your information is secure.
The N-31 Series features the Intelligent Card which lets you initiate scan to FTP server. Data is transferred in encrypted format. Up to 100 users can be programmed into the board. Meeting notes can be saved to a specific users FTP site or to the boards? memory.  Alpha numeric characters and special symbols can be used for password, instead of alpha only characters. Password validity time period can be adjusted.More than one FTP site can be accessed by the board. When information is critically sensitive choose the N-31/314 series.

  • Password Security and Validation
  • SSL Security
  • IC Card
  • Multiple Users
  • Multiple FTP Sites
  • USB port for an on-board printer. (Printer sold separately.) Inkjet Printer compatible. (See compatible printer list.)
  • Optional stand with casters allows for easy room-to-room transfer.
Untitled Document
Model Name Standard (N-31S)  Wide (N-31W)  4-screen  (N-314)
Installation Method Wall Mount or Floor Stand*1
External Dimensions
(Without  Marker Tray)
W58.3 × D3.5 × H39.4 inches
(W1480 × D89 × H1000 mm)
W78 × D3.5 × H39.4 inches
(W1980 × D89 × H1000 mm)
W58.3 × D5.5 × H39.4 inches
(W1480 × D140 × H1000 mm)
Weight 44 lbs (20 kg) 55 lbs (25 kg)  55 lbs (25 kg)
External Dimensions
With Floor Stand (max.)*1
W58.3 × D26.6 × H76.6*2 inches
(W1480 × D675 × H1947*2  mm)
W78 × D26.6 × H76.6*2 inches
(W1980 × D675 × H1947*2  mm)
W58.3 × D26.6 × H76.6*2 inches
(W1480 × D675 × H1947*2  mm)
Floor Stand Weight  23 lbs (10.5 kg)
Panel Size W51.2 × H35.8 inches
(W1300mm × H910mm) 
W70.9 × H35.8 inches
(W1800mm × H910mm)
W51.2 × H35.8 inches
(W1300mm × H910mm)
Effective Reading Area W50.4 × H35.4inches
(W1280mm × H900mm)
 W70.1 × H35.4inches
(W1780mm × H900mm)
 W50.4 × H35.4inches
(W1280mm × H900mm)
Number of Panels 2 4
Grid  2 inch (50mm) Grid
Scrolling Endless in one direction
(Horizontal scrolling)
Bi-directional, endless
(Horizontal scrolling)
Drive Method Motorized  / Manual
Reading Method CIS (Contact Image Sensor) 
Reading Illumination Light Source   RGB LED  
Reading Resolution                                                    Main scanning direction  (vertical sheet surface) 50 dpi (1.92 dots/mm)
Sub scanning direction  (horizontal sheet surface) 50 dpi (1.82 dots/mm)
Reading Time Black & White: approx. 15 s Black & White: approx. 21 s Black & White: approx. 15 s
  Color: approx 15 s Color: approx 21 s Color: approx 15 s
USB Ports 3 Ports: Type B for PC and Type A for Printer and for USB Flash Memory
File Format PDF, PNG & JPG
Resolution 2458 × 1728 dots (fixed) 3418 × 1728 dots (fixed) 2458 × 1728 dots (fixed) Type
External Memory USB Flash Memory
Compatible FAT types                       FAT 16, 32
Interface USB2.0
Network       LAN Port  RJ-45 (10Base-T/100Base-TX)
Supported  Protocol TCP/IP (FTP/FTPS, HTTP/HTTPS, DHCP, NetBIOS Name Service)F 
Printing Resolution 300 dpi or equivalent
No. Print Colors  Eight colors or two color monochrome
Printer Interface Conforming  to USB 2.0 standards
Power Supply  Input: AC100–240V/50–60  Hz, Max 0.75 A
Output: DC 12 V, 3.0 A
PC Consumption  In standby: 3W, During operation: 12W (not including  printer) 
Temperature 10°C ~ 35°C
Clock Used for the timestamp  and for file dating properties
(Includes backup  battery  for when there is a loss of power.)
PC Connection Images can be acquired and device settings made via USB (using a browser)
OS Operating Environment Windows 8 or 8.1 / Windows XP (Home Edition/Professional Edition (Service Pack 2 or Later) /
Vista (32 bit) / Windows 7 (32 bit / 64 bit) / Mac OS X® 10.5 or later
Web Browser Windows: Internet Explorer 8.0 or greater
Macintosh: Safari 5 or greater
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