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In the world of cork tackboards, you can choose from 3 different kinds of cork surfaces. This one is ¼ inch cork on an MDF core, known as Cork-Plate. There is also Add-Cork, which is 1/8 inch cork on an insulation board core and Valu-Tak, 1/16 inch cork on insulation board. Our tackboards are crafted from premium quality, 100 percent natural cork that's finely grained. Cork is a resilient and durable material that quickly recovers from use and won't show pin or tack holes. With the Cork-Plate tackboard, the MDF core allows deeper penetration of the tacks with superior holding power. The tackboards are available with aluminum trim or origin trim, and the origin trim can be purchased in silver, oak or mahogany. The tackboards come framed from the factory in wood or anodized aluminum, ready to hang using the included mounting hardware. You'll also find Natural Cork-Plate in unframed cut-to-size panels and in rolls for your convenience.

Natural Cork-Plate Tackboards


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