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With the variety of trim styles available at, these essential productivity tools will complement the décor and furnishings in any room. Find the right markerboard trim, whether it's for an office, classroom or training room. Some of the styles of durable and decorative aluminum trim include presidential trim, Euro trim and Ultra trim. The presidential trim dry erase boards have a special sophistication and feature round anodized aluminum joined with injection-molded corners. They can be ordered in silver or black trim. The Euro trim model has an elegant appearance, with its black powder coated cast aluminum. For a sleek, minimal frame, choose the Ultra trim style. They're available as low-profile silver or black trims. The Onboard Companion and Smartest Companion styles both have a streamlined, contemporary appeal for modern spaces.

Decorative Aluminum Trim


ABC Aluminum Trim Markerboard
Economy Aluminum Trim Porcelain Markerboards

Deluxe Aluminum Trim Markerboard
Deluxe Aluminum Trim Markerboards

Visionary Glass - Gloss White Markerboard
Visionary Glass - Gloss White Markerboards

Visionary Glass - Black Markerboard
Visionary Black Glass Markerboards

Enlighten Glass Boards
Enlighten Markerboards