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Fusion 2 Stand for 65" & 75" LED
Fusion 2 Stand for 65" & 75" LED
Fusion 2 Stand for 65" & 75" LED

Fusion 2 Stand for 65" & 75" LED

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  • Two Sizes
    • 65" and 75" Interactive LED
    • Electric
      • The Fusion 2 is electric height adjustable and electric tilting
      • Accessible
        • The TouchIT Fusion 2 is designed to be accessible by all.
        • Ideal for Special Educational Needs
          • Enable collaboration and learn together in a pressure-free and self-paced environment.
          • Whole-class and one-to-one
            • Supporting whole-class and one-to-one teaching methods
            • Group Work
              • Ideal for problem-solving and team-based, communication-dependent activities

TouchIT App Store

Available with all TouchIT LEDs, the TouchIT App Store is designed to deliver Free content directly to your interactive LED.

  • All Apps are Free!
  • Suitable For Classroom

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