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EL GRANDE 5' High Boards-Porcelain Steel 5'H X 16'W

EL GRANDE 5' High Boards-Porcelain Steel 5'H X 16'W

Item #: DEB14202AQ
Shipping Weight:
280 lbs.

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Our Price:
This El Grande Porcelain Premium Marker Board is bound to grab attention. It is perfect for preschools (as well as public meeting spaces, computer labs and the like) because of its five foot height. In addition it provides better contrast and reduced surface light distortion, is height adjustable, made of anodized aluminum and features accessories as well.

• Reduced surface light distortion and better contrast for increased visibility and no ghosting.
• Height adjustable so it can be seen in multiple room sizes.
• Anodized aluminum for added durability
• Extras Dura-Safe corners, accessory trays and a full-length map rail. Included: L-clips, screws, rawl plugs.
  • Surface: Porcelain Enamel on Steel
  • Magnetic: Yes
  • Frame material: Aluminum
  • Tray material: No
  • Assembly: No
  • Shipping method: Freight
  • Other Info: No

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