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Take your presentation to the next level with a high-tech Panasonic PanaBoard. Equipped with out-of-this-world features like remote PC operation, real-time teleconferencing capability, Windows application compatibility, built-in USB hubs, multi-function electronic pens and much, much more, PanaBoards are the 21st century’s take on chalkboards. Explore our huge selection of these top-quality electronic copyboards to find one that suits your unique classroom or corporate needs.


PanaBoard Interactive Whiteboards, like the Panaboard Interactive 2-Panel Electronic White Board with USB Interface (UB-8325), acts as an electronic white board, print board and projector screen in one. We also carry the amazing Panasonic UB-T880 Interactive Whiteboard that’s equipped with built-in stereo speakers, two USB hubs and a multi-function electronic pen. Color PanaBoards and the Standard Film PanaBoard provide additional features like easy scan functionality and password protection for group use. Don’t forget to explore our assortment of PanaBoard accessories, including dry eraser refills for PanaBoards, stands, wireless kits and more, to get the most out of your board.