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Make your space look modern with a clear glass markerboard from These thin, clear whiteboards are a versatile option for various display needs. Whether you want one mounted in your entryway or as part of a mobile unit to move around as needed, our selection of dry erase boards with clear surfaces makes it easy to upgrade your office with a sleek display.

Clear/Glass Markerboards

Stylish clear dry erase boards are a popular choice among a host of organizations and institutions. The thin, sturdy product is easily mounted to a wall for a smooth, sleek look. The clear surface works perfectly with any light-colored wall. If you have dark-colored walls, a simple light-colored backing will make your colors pop for a clear, easy-to-read display. In addition to our framed or frameless mounted dry erase boards, you can also purchase a pre-mounted whiteboard display that comes on a mobile stand. A wheeled base makes it easy to move your clear glass markerboard as needed, which is great for moving the board from room to room for trainings or meetings. If you’d like a glass dry erase board with a different look, consider purchasing a black glass markerboard. These whiteboards feature a glossy black surface that can work with a number of fluorescent and white pens and markers. This option has a stylish look that’s great for stores, restaurants and other retail facilities.

Whatever style you choose, our glass dry erase boards are one of our most stylish and versatile options for creating a custom whiteboard solution in your space. Contact us today to learn more about our glass marker boards and which whiteboard surface is the right choice for you.